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Article: Christmas light buying guide-- the special Christmas gift from Quntis

Christmas light buying guide-- the special Christmas gift from Quntis

Christmas light buying guide-- the special Christmas gift from Quntis

You may want to create a party vibe or a make the Christmas special this year with some bright lights and colorful cheer. However, Christmas light trends come and go, the multitude light types also overwhelm you. Use this guide from Quntis and have an unforgettable holiday.

Outdoor decorative lights 

When it comes to outdoor decorative lights, we have to mention our latest upgraded version of the outdoor lights-- Quntis solar spot light! it will turn your outdoor space into a focal point  drawing the eye and creating visual interest for everyone. 

What makes Quntis Spot light outstanding?

Meeting individual needs

Quntis solar light has eight single colors and seven mixed colors. The projected images consist of sunflower, aurora and none. 25 lighting effects can be created through the combination of color and images. Furthermore, each light can be set to the same or different modes unleashing huge flexibility.

Buy One and Get Three

There are two installation methods: Inserted it into the ground as a floor light. Installed it on the wall as a wall light. What’s more, Quntis solar light has done what other merchants cannot do! It has adjustable 125°solar panel and 160° light head, so the lighting can be parallel to the ground and directly emits to the wall. Lighting effect is marvelous.

Good Brightness & Clear Projection

Many customers share the effect of the spotlight. Most of the lights on the market have a brightness of only 600-700 lumens, but this one can reach 1200 lumens. The lighting range is wide, the projected pattern is clear and beautiful.


Quntis Sloar Spot Light


Spot Light/Floor Light/Wall Light

Light Effects


Color Type

8 single colors &7 mixed colors



Charging Method

 Solar powered


Indoor Xmas decorative lights

How many types can I choose from?

Quntis provides string lights with various shapes: stars, gift boxes, Jesus, Christmas tree, reindeer, bell... These light fixtures are different in specific functions: Some have 8 light flashing modes and multicolor. Some just “old-fashioned” bulbs, stick with the warm white bulbs that comfort your heart.

Icicle & Weeping Willow Lights

Quntis 160 drops icicle lights are made of 100% copper wire,so they do not overheat after many hours of usage. UL588 certification and short-circuit protection design keep your home and family safe. 11 different lighting modes, warm white and multicolor, 4 brightness levels. Perfect for you to place them under the eaves, on fences or stair posts, illuminate windows, decorate bedroom shelves or furniture, etc.

Christams icicle light


Window lights with all kinds of shapes

Christmas window lights have 8 flashing modes, timer function and also easy to install. They are also ideal for garlands, wreaths, trees and bushes.

Christmas window light
Tip: Quntis also has many other Christmas lights, click here to learn more about our products!
All kinds of Christmas lights


What you may like

  • last longer than traditional lights
  • Energy-efficient
  • Stay cool to the touch even longtime us
  • Built to stand up against harsh environmental while maintaining safe electrical connections
  • Available in white or multiple colors 





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