Quntis USB-C PD 60W Travel Quick Charger Review

If you’re a regular gadget-loving traveller, packing a multi-port USB charger can be just as important as packing your toothbrush. Without one, you’re out of luck if you wish to keep your smartphone, laptop or tablet fully charged when away from home. With so many devices requiring their own chargers, if you’re like me and you like to travel light, an all-in-one charger that powers all your tech is the holy grail for the minimalist traveller.

The problem with many travel chargers is that their power output isn’t enough to efficiently charger a powerful laptop, such as an Apple MacBook Pro. This usually results in you taking more than one wall charger with you to power or charge your smartphone or tablet, along with your power-hungry laptop. The Quntis USB-C PD Quick Charger hopes to break this problem, offering one USB-C and one USB-A power ports, AC connectors for US, UK and EU outlet types and 60W total output, enough to charge a MacBook Pro 13-inch efficiently.

In the box you get the main Quick Charger itself, which comes in a white glossy casing that’s compact enough to be stowed away in a travel case, measuring 74mm x 64mm x 31mm. Built into the charger is the US outlet pins, which can be flipped down during use. Two additional adapters for EU and UK outlets come loosely bundled and simply attach themselves to the charger by slotting over the US socket pins to connect.

Unlike many third-party power chargers, you also get a free white USB-C to USB-C power cable measuring 1.5m, which is enough for use when a power outlet is close by. Its white plastic cable is slightly thicker than Apple’s stock USB-C power supply cable, and its connectors are also modelled on Apple’s own with Quntis brand logos on them.

Located on the business end of the charger are two ports. The first is a USB-C port with Power Delivery. It supports a power output of 5V 3A through to a maximum output of 20V 3A (60W). This is more than enough power to supply a MacBook Air through to a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro, or an equivalent Windows laptop or Google Chromebook.

Underneath the USB-C PD port is a Quick Charger 3.0 compatible USB-A port. This port supply’s a power output of 3.6-6.5V 3A up to a maximum of 9-12V 1.5A (18W). This output is more than enough to power to supply Quick Charge supported devices, such as many Android smartphones or tablets. For the best fast charging speeds of iOS devices, you will want to use the USB-C PD port instead, however, the 18W from the USB-A QC 3.0 port will also help charge your devices if the USB-C port is busy powering your laptop.

The Quntis USB-C Quick Charger retails for £30.99 from Amazon, which is a respectable price point considering you can play slightly less and only get a single USB-C port or a travel adapter that only has 2.4V low power USB ports. The Quntis Quick Charger is the perfect companion if you are travelling abroad with just a laptop and a smartphone or tablet. A third extra USB-C port and 100W would be the holy grail, but if you’re packing a little less tech, the Quntis USB-C Quick Charger is a decent travel companion for keeping your tech charged and powered whilst on the go.

Quntis USB-C PD Quick Charger

Quntis USB-C PD Quick Charger




  • Fast dual port travel charger
  • Bundled US, EU and UK adapters
  • Compact size for 60W


  • An additional USB-C port and 100W would be ideal
  • No case to cary or stow additional adapters
  • Bundled USB-C lead could be longer