Review: Two Great Charging Products to Consider!

Up for review now are two products from Quntis. First, we have an 18 watt USB-C charger which includes a 2 meter USB-C to lightning cable. We all know that our devices have really good battery life when we first buy them. But as the time passes, they do not hold as much of a charge throughout the day as they did on day one. Therefore, it is good to have access to charge your devices wherever you are be at in the car or at the office or on the couch. If you haven’t had the experience of fast charging your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast they charge with the higher speeds. This is perfect for charging in the middle of the day before heading out of the house again.

18W Fast Charger

This first product is a USB to lightning wall charger that is a fast charger. It will charge your devices faster than the traditional 5 W charger that came with your iPhone. Like Apple’s own newer fast chargers that come typically with the MacBooks, it can give your iPhone an extra 50% battery in about an hour. I tested this as soon as I got it, I plugged in my phone at 54% and just 25 minutes later I was at 81%, a solid 27% improvement. Check out both images below and compare the time and battery percentage:

As well, you’ll enjoy the longer length cord, especially when you’re in the office where the power supply might be on the floor, or in bed you can keep using your phone while it charges at the same time.

Perhaps the two greatest problems with a traditional (non-Pro) iPad charger are the slow charging rates and the considerable expense when needing to replace the cable or adapter. I’m very happy with this charger for many reasons. With the majority of devices being USB C these days, it means you can quickly plug the USB C end into any device and charge the iPad that way.

At the time of writing, this cable + adapter costs even less than only the USB-C to Lightning cable from Apple ($32 vs $45 CAD). This is a very good value for money and I can say with confidence that the cable will last a very long time. This combo will also be perfect for bringing on trips where we can get a quick charge at the airport or in hotel rooms.

Take a look at the size comparison between the original Apple 18W USB-C Power Adaptor ($39 CAD not including the cable, which itself costs a whopping $45 CAD for the 2 meter version!).  They are pretty much the same size and weight. 

Three Pack of 2 meter MFi Lightning Cables

This 3 pack of MFi USB to Lightning cables is a much cheaper option for getting extra lightning cables for all your Apple devices. We all have had original Apple cable to break on us. These are sturdier and will last much longer. It is always important to have an extra one of these cables laying around. These are also 2 meters in length, allowing for more freedom to use your devices while charging.

Do note that this 3 pack will not be compatible with the wall charger that is reviewed on this post. You can definitely use any USB charging brick that you may already have.

These two relatively inexpensive products from Quntis are both MFi approved, meaning that they are officially approved by Apple, and will work with any Lightning-enabled device. You can be certain that these products will work great without any issues at all for many years to come.

Take a look at these products here:
In Canada:

18W USB-C charger with cable for $31.99 CAD: click here.

3 pack Lightning Cables for $16.99 CAD: click here.

and, other countries worldwide: 


In the USA:

18W USB-C charger with cable for $23.98 USD: click here.

3 pack Lightning Cables for $11.95 USD: click here.

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