6 Pack 2 in 1 Solar Landscape IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Lights (Cold White/24 LED)

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Kristen L. Kucera
Bright and easy to use!

I got these for my dad; he's been complaining about the yard needing lights and so I figured, sure, let's try these! We put them in the ground around the yard, and honestly the best part is my almost fully blind dog doesn't bump into everything now. Poor guy can't see at all in the dark!

So far, they've been installed about a month, and they're going pretty strong! They're bright (unless they don't have sun to charge them, as we found out at first--oops). We've had no problems with them; we had to return another set of lights because they just weren't cutting it in brightness.

The LEDs are pretty bright, and while we haven't had any wet weather, the sprinklers haven't done a thing to diminish the use of these, so score one for decent weatherproofing. I'll probably buy another set of these to do the front yard next.

Mumma B
Very bright

Great spot lights. The solar panel is a generous size allowing plenty of charge. They light up when it falls dark and are very bright. I have them staked into the ground to illuminate patio area. They work very well and stay lit all night. Charge recharges as it should. Ideal to lightened up an area in your garden or path

Sascha O.
Helles Licht mit langer Leuchtdauer

Der Zusammenbau ist einfach, nur zusammenstecken und in den Boden stecken (Wandmontage wäre auch möglich). Ich habe ein kleines Teilstück am Haus, das nachts nicht beleuchtet ist, so dass ich dort quasi "blind" lang laufen muss. Da die Kinder aber gerne was was liegen lassen, ist das manchmal schon recht abenteuerlich...
Ich hatte vorher 4 kleine warmweisse Led Solarlichter aufgestellt mit extra Solarpanel, allerdings kabelgebunden. Das war immer etwas nervig. Die 2 Led Lampen haben ein schön helles Licht (kaltweiss) und sind kabellos. Vereinfacht die Sache auch ungemein beim Rasenmähen :)
Gestern war hier ein recht sonniger Tag und die Lampen haben noch um 3.50Uhr morgens geleuchtet.


These solar lights are great and work well for what I was looking for. They are very bright and there are multiples angles of the light. It lights and entire area not just the one spot.

They are made well, doesn't feel like the cheap plastic. They can be mounted or you can stick them into the ground, depending on what you need. We used it on our gate and it screwed in very easily, and then we also used a couple in the front of our house in the ground.

There are two settings. You can choose to keep low lights or medium light on at all times. You can feel a significant difference between the two settings. The lower setting is nice to keep on at all times and doesn't blind you!

Overall it works quite well and lights up the area well. I wish they coulde be motion detected, but still a greag product! You receive 6 in total, so you use it in multiple different places.

Charlie-Maude Lafond
Bright and Easy to Install

I love these lights. So bright and works perfectly to add the beauty to your yard. It has 2 modes so the brightness can be adjusted if you prefer less brightness.


Super Brightness with Optical Lens Design: Adopts 24 high-bright LEDs and full optical lens design. Through the optical lens design can be concentrated the divergent light source on the maximum extent to improve the brightness of this LED solar outdoor spotlight, 50% brighter than others ordinary.

2 in 1 Design & Auto On/Off: Not only can it be used in the ground but also on the wall and easy to assemble.2 minutes install and no need extra wiring.After one installation without any operation can be safely used.Our solar landscape spotlights will turn off and charge automatically during the day and turn on automatically at night.

Not Afraid of Extreme Weather: IP65 waterproof and made of high-class ABS material that allows the outdoor solar light can withstand rainstorm/high heat/high frost and other adverse weather conditions. Ensure the quality of the light to a greater extent and light up your garden or pathway in any weather with Quntis solar landscape spotlights.

Solar Power Supply: No extra wiring design to save electricity,achieve 0 electricity lighting. Shorter charging time and long lasting time than other. Charging time is 4-6 hours (under direct sunlight). Work time is lasting about 6-12 hours.Supports 90° solar panel adjustment for optimum direct sunlight. 120° lighting angle is brighter and has a wider angle than other light to light up any place that would be out of reach.

2 Brightness Lighting Modes: Quntis solar landscape lights have high bright mode(100% brightness/Max 6Hrs) and low bright mode(45% brightness/Max 12Hrs). Thanks to the smart function, the brightness will decrease automatically when the battery is low. It will charge by sunlight and then light up your home every evening (Please make sure there is no shade like eaves and trees on the solar panels.)

Package Dimensions: 13.7 x 6.1 x 5.0 inches

Long Lifespan & Long Warranty:Check our Warranty Policy. If you have any questions with Quntis computer monitor light bar, just let us know or send a email:support@quntis.comEnjoy your shopping with Quntis!

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