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Reduce Eye Strain

The gentle illumination from Quntis Monitor Light Bar can relieve eye fatigue, improving work performance and gaming experience. The low blue light technology filters out the most damaging blue wavelengths (420-480nm) for eyes.

Space Saving

Cluttered desks hurt focus and mood. The Quntis lightbar eliminates lamp bases and cords, decluttering your workspace. It keeps your desk clean and professional.

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The Quntis LED computer monitor light bar saves space, reduces eye strain, and creates perfect task lighting with its modern minimalist design.





Hours Lifespan


Glare Free


High CRI

Flicker-Free Lighting

LED lights often flicker invisibly at high speeds, causing eye strain, headaches, and loss of focus. The Quntis display lightbar uses non-flickering LEDs that produce stable, comfortable light output like an incandescent bulb, creating a productive work environment and boosting efficiency.

Eliminates Monitor Glare

Traditionally designed bright desk lamps often cause annoying screen glare, forcing you to move your monitor or avoid using it altogether. The best LED monitor light bar use advanced optics to project light at a 45-degree angle onto your desk and away from your screen.

High Quality Light Output

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how accurately a light source displays colors. The highest quality light is pure natural light, with a CRI of 100. The Quntis eye-protecting lamp has a CRI greater than 95RA, restoring true and realistic colors as much as possible.

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Extended Warranty

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