We Are Quntis

Quntis is a leading brand in the industry of charging & lightning devices—an international company with millions of users worldwide.

Quntis aims to provide premium quality products at fair prices: backed by the good service that each customer deserves. Quntis is much more than a brand name. It's our philosophy as a company and a team: Quality-oriented, unique and trustworthy, innovative yet simple. 


Our Company History

Founded in 2015, Quntis is a fast-growing innovative company with a deep passion for bringing reliable charging devices and electronic accessories to customers.

From the beginning, we have been working to constantly improve the technology used in our products, in order to create the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance: beautifully crafted, technically sophisticated, and designed for decades of use.


Our Products

Quntis specializes in consumer electronics and accessories. Our products includes fast-charging devices, monitor lights, LED lights, and many more tech products. We have operation centers in numerous countries around the world. All our items undergo a detailed process of visual design and engineering, to make sure they provide top durability and sleek appearance. 


What makes Qunits different?

Before anything else, quality is our first priority—it is at the heart of all aspects of our business. Quntis products are professionally certified by industry labs and organizations such as ETL, UL, and CE. What’s more, we have a strong quality control team with an advanced laboratory—before delivery, each product receives a 100% full inspection before delivery, to make sure that every item is top quality. We attach huge importance to customer feedback, so we carefully collect, organize, and implement the feedback we receive. Our continuing high user satisfaction ratings show that our customers appreciate our focus on quality, and that the new measures we have put in place are helping us to reach new levels of quality.

We make products that actually solve problems. Take our two-in-one charging cable for example: traditional Apple fast charging cables can only be used to charge Lightning interface devices, but not all Apple devices have Lightning interfaces. Therefore, we have developed our product that allows using only one cable to charge all the Apple series products: such as iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. This helps our customers avoid the hassle of carrying too many charging devices.

Beside being practical, our products are also reasonably priced. Take our screenbar light as an example: it has all the functions a screenbar light is supposed to have—anti-blue-light design to reduce eye fatigue, space-saving design to provide more desk space, optics that reduce screen glare, etc. Yet, with all these functions and premium quality, our screenbar light costs only one-third the price of similar products from other brands. We believe that technology which helps to make daily life easier and more comfortable should be accessible to more people.


Customer Feedback

Quntis has served nearly 40,000,000 customers from more than 40 countries around the world, and our customer satisfaction score is 91.63%.Customers have been sharing on social media their user experiences of Quntis products, which has helped to raise the brand awareness and boost the credibility of our business. We are truly grateful that they have dedicated their time to giving us feedback and advice. Their feedback motivates us to keep improving and to make better products.

We talk & listen to our customers and value every constructive feedback to improve our products and services.


Our Service

As we understand that logistics is a huge part of the customer experience, we have a well-developed logistic & supply chain management system with warehouses in the US, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Brazil, and a few other countries, which enables Quntis to ensure on-time delivery by managing the demand and inventory of our products.

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and customers can always process a refund or exchange for quality-related issues within the warranty period. 

We provide 24/7 customer service. We know the importance of happy customers, and nothing makes customers happier than knowing that our business will be available around the clock to address any questions or concerns. We talk and listen to our customers, and value every piece of constructive feedback as we continually improve our products and services.


Thanks for choosing quntis & enjoy your shopping with us!


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