We Are Quntis

Quntis is much more than a brand name. It's our philosophy as a company and a team: Quality-oriented, unique and trustworthy, innovative yet simple. This is the very core of our product vision: providing premium quality products at fair prices backed by good service that each customer deserves.


Our Company History

Founded in 2015, Quntis is a United States-based brand with a deep passion for bringing reliable charging cables and electronic accessories to customers.

Ever since then, we have been working with top global OEM suppliers and constantly improving the technology used in our products to create a perfect balance between aesthetics and performance - beautifully crafted, technically sophisticated and designed for decades of use.

Today, Quntis has become a leading brand in the industry of charging accessories and an international company with millions of users world-wide. We will continue to offer great value to our customers and upgrade our products in every aspects to enhance customer experience.


Our Products

Quntis specializes in consumer electronics and accessories. Our products range from car vent mount, monitor light, electronic wine opener, LED lights to iPhone fast charger and charging cables - with the main focus being charging cables for iOS devices. 

We have operation centers in United States, China and Germany. All our items have undergone a detailed visual design and engineering process to meet the best durability and a fashionable appearance. Our collection of premium charging cables currently hold a wide style range made of various materials like textiles, nylon and leather. 

We are looking forward to the release of more exciting and practical products in the near future and we are working passionately on it.


Our Service

At Quntis, all customers enjoy a 3-YEAR warranty for our products. All our products have a 30-Day money back guarantee and you can always process a refund or exchange for quality-related issues as long as the product is within the warranty period. 

We talk & listen to our customers and value every constructive feedback to improve our products and services.