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Article: Quntis Screenlinear Pro+ MU 208 Review: The bright and smart monintor light bar will protect your eyes

Quntis Screenlinear Pro+ MU 208 Review: The bright and smart monintor light bar will protect your eyes

Quntis wants to share a screenlinear Pro+ review with you to help you know it better.

With each passing year, we seem to be gazing at screens more on a daily basis. Our eyes get battered from all the light being projected at our faces but there are ways we can help mitigate this by wearing glasses with filtering or a device such as a lightbar. The Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+ is one such example with the ability to shine light down onto your desk without taking up any more vital desk space. Whether you're low on available space for a desk lamp or prefer a clutter-free setup, a monitor lightbar can be the way to go.

There are two versions of the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro, one with a control puck and the other with controls on the lightbar itself. We'll be reviewing the more expensive ScreenLinear Pro+, which comes with the companion control puck. I've played around with the ScreenLinear Pro+ for the past two weeks and found the lightbar to be an excellent addition to the desk, offering a bright ambiance when night hits. I was skeptical about monitor lighting before trying out this Quntis light and now I don't think I'll go back to normal desk lighting.

When used with blue filtering glasses, I found my eyes to feel less strained as the days went by without changing my computing habits. After spending considerable time with the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+, I not only felt better after each session, but I noticed an increase in concentration throughout the day.

Price, specs, and availability

The Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+ costs $70, which is a fair price to pay for a powerful lightbar and remote control puck. Powered through a single USB-A to USB-C, the ScreenLinear Pro+ can be connected to the desktop PC and cable managed so you won't notice it's present. With an all-black aluminum and ABS plastic design, the lightbar also blends in with the monitor frame, though one must bear in mind how thick the bezel is to avoid an unintended notch. Weighing 660g, it's not a light device though it's well built and sturdy to hold up with minimal adjustment needed.

 Connectivity USB-C
Color Black
Weight 660 g
Dimensions 508 x 20 x 20 mm
Power 5 W
Materials Aluminum, ABS


What I like

The Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+ is packaged in a box with some accessories and a manual. It's already pre-assembled, so all you need to do is unbox the lightbar, and the control dial puck, and you're good to go. Two small adjustable clips are included if you have a thin and flat display for easier installation. If you have a curved or abnormally shaped monitor, you can get away with no clips. Having a play around while checking the manual is a sure way to position and install the ScreenLinear Pro+ correctly.

The unit is made from aluminum and PBS plastic and it feels sturdy with a counterweight that won't fail to hold the ScreenLinear Pro+ against your monitor. A single USB-C to USB-A cable is included with the device, which provides all the power it will require, even at maximum brightness with auto-dimming enabled. Once installed, you can easily control the lightbar using the dial puck. A single press cycles the power state while the top dial controls the temperature. The main body dial alters the brightness.

Two presses will activate or disable auto-dimming, and a long press for five seconds will activate a two-hour timer. It's easy to use, no software is required and everything works. Light is projected using LEDs, which can be adjusted between 3,000K and 6,500K, and temperature controls allow you to set anywhere from a soft orange glow to a bright white. The auto-dimming feature works well and is barely noticeable as the ScreenLinear Pro+ alters its settings accordingly.

What I didn't like

Because the lightbar needs to sit atop the monitor, this can have unforeseen consequences on webcam support depending on how large your display is. If you already own a webcam, I'd suggest measuring everything up to see if it's possible to use the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+ with your current camera. I use a compact Logitech webcam that sits below the lightbar and has an unobstructed view of what's sitting in front of the display. Larger cameras or ones with beefier mounts may interfere with the lightbar and be positioned accordingly.

The mount body for the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+ isn't thick, but this can be a little too large for displays with razor-thin bezels. If your screen bezel is thinner than the ScreenLinear Pro+, you'll have a screen notch. It will block what's displayed at the top of your monitor, which may impact your experience depending on which OS is being used.

Should you buy the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+?

You should buy the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+ if:

  1. You endure eye strain and fatigue when using your PC.
  2. You want to light up your desk without using a desk lamp.
  3. You don't mind spending $70 on a smart, wirelessly controlled light.


You shouldn't buy the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+ if:

  1. You don't necessarily need a remote control for the light or auto-dimming.

The Quntis ScreenLinear Pro+ is a great monitor-mounted lightbar that can get bright enough to illuminate a larger desk. It's a comfortable light source and aids your eyes in remaining focused throughout the day without feeling as fatigued by screen glare. It may not fit ontop of your monitor with a webcam, but if you don't do many video calls or have a camera that's small enough to work with the lightbar, the ScreenLinear Pro+ should be in your basket of PC accessories. The auto-dimming and remote dial remote control are excellent, but you can save $40 by choosing the Pro model.

Using the ScreenLinear Pro+ with a 49-inch ultrawide monitor and a 32-inch 4K monitor, I saw no issues with the placement on either display. The lightbar managed to shine some light on the large black desk both during the day and at night. Being able to alter the temperature and brightness of the light, or let the ScreenLinear Pro+ handle it, makes this a solid addition to any desktop PC. I recommend considering a lightbar if you find yourself staring at the screen for hours each day.

A warm purchase tip from Quntis

If you don't know what type of monitor light bar is the most suitable one, you can read WHAT IS MONITOR LIGHT BAR AND HOW TO CHOOSE THE SUITABLE ONE FOR ME? for reference. 


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