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LED ScreenLinear Glow Series ML214 (15.7Inch),Pink

Sale price$51.99

LED ScreenLinear Glow Series ML214 (15.7Inch),Pink - Quntis
LED ScreenLinear Glow Series ML214 (15.7Inch),Pink Sale price$51.99

About Quntis ScreenLinear HY214

Quntis monitor light bar features a dual protection design, combining an optical design with a textured, softening light cover and an eye care hood. This innovative design eliminates screen glare and eye strain, preventing glare on your screen and shielding your eyes from direct light. Our computer light bar integrates seamlessly into your desktop setup, providing a comfortable screen lighting experience during both work and leisure.

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Whether you're seeking a monitor light for professional work, gaming, or simply to enhance your overall viewing experience, we have you covered.

Adjustable Backlight

Quntis' monitor light bar with backlight offers excellent eye-friendly lighting, promoting healthier visual habits during screen time and decreasing the likelihood of developing myopia

Adjustable color temperature

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Asymmetric Light Source

The asymmetrical optical design ensures that the headlamp only illuminates your desk area, and the unique shade design prevents the light from shining directly into your eyes.

Eye Care Hood Design

The eye care hood designed to minimise the effects of direct light on the eyes, thus reducing discomfort or fatigue caused by bright or harsh lighting conditions.

The lighting effects create a visually stimulating environment, enhancing your immersive experience of gaming.

As can automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the surrounding light, so that you can find a comfortable illumination for relax.

With 45° angled asymmetrical optical design, Effectively relieving eye fatigue to protect your eyes ensure comfortable viewing while you work.

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