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LED ScreenLinear Glow Series ML215 (20.1Inch)

Sale price$62.99
LED ScreenLinear Glow Series ML215 (20.1Inch) - Quntis
LED ScreenLinear Glow Series ML215 (20.1Inch) Sale price$62.99

Why Choose Quntis ML215?

Media grid

Smart Remote Control

In addition to an intuitive button interface, the latest non-mechanical remote features energy-efficient button illumination for low-light environments. The main power button emits a soft glow at all times. You can effortlessly achieve smooth dimming to your preferred brightness and color temperature by long-pressing the decrease or increase buttons.

Backlight broadening

The backlight area on either side of the monitor light extends to 6.29 inches for improved visual comfort and workspace efficiency. Ideal for working, reading, studying or drawing.

Adjustable color temperature

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Eye Care Hood Design

The eye care hood designed to minimise the effects of direct light on the eyes, thus reducing discomfort or fatigue caused by bright or harsh lighting conditions.

For Coverd Monitor

This monitor lightbar features a newly improved weighted clip design that provides stability and practicality. The improved design enhances the overall functionality and usability of the lightbar, making it an ideal option for users looking for a reliable lighting solution for their curved monitors.


The backlight area on both sides of the display has been increased to 6.29 inches, improving visual comfort and workspace efficiency. Ideal for working, reading, studying or designing.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Almost perfect

I like the product very much. Both the light bar and the remote control are very stylish. The fixing system of the bar is nice. The lighting area does not overlap the screen. Normally my eyes get tired quickly when the back of the monitor is dark, so having a bright backlight was perfect. It's almost full size for my 27 inch monitor. Only the brightness of the backlight can be adjusted. Additionally, I wish the temperature could be adjusted. I would like this feature to be included in the model that will be updated.

Jay Ramsay
Working good

I gave this to my son who plays PC games all the time in his room. He likes it. He says it works great. His eyes are feeling less strained and he likes that it gives enough light to read or write from on his desk. He also really likes the remote control, he says it works good and likes that it is wireless so he can move it where he wants or needs it.

Robert Gregory
Review of ML215

For the most part I'm happy with the ML215 with these exceptions:
1. If you turn off the back light, it doesn't remember the setting so then next time
you turn on the light, the back light also turns on.
2. When you turn on the light, the brightness settings are indicated for about 5
seconds and if you turn off the light within this 5 seconds the light will turn off.
But after the 5 seconds, you have to press the light off button twice to turn off
the light.

These aren't showstoppers but annoyances that you shouldn't have to deal with. Otherwise the light works well with sufficient brightness ranges.

J. Hansen
Love, love love this light!

This light bar is AWESOME & easy to pair the remote with to set up initially. I wanted to try this to save space on my desk vs having a lamp which I'd previously used. Will never go back! It's just like it says-truly eye friendly. I have -9.5 eyes and wear contacts and stare at the screen many hours with work. The light feels like natural sunlight and makes my dark office space feel inviting.
Remote control is super easy to use and set up. I was a bit worried about the clip not staying on. When you first open it it is sticky on the base of the clip, and I wasn't sure if it would support just with the semi-sticky "tape". However, the magnet does the trick with my irregular monitor beautifully! Doesn't wobble or fall off at ALL.
This is well worth the $$ and I am extremely happy with it!

Awesome light bar

As someone who spends extensive hours in front of a computer screen, I'm constantly seeking ways to reduce eye strain. This Monitor Light Bar, with its longer and wider backlight, perfectly met my needs. Upon receiving the light bar, I was impressed by its robust build quality. The sliding weighted clip was a clever design choice, making it effortless to attach to various monitors, from slim laptop screens to larger desktop displays. Installation was a breeze, and the light bar sat securely without requiring any adjustments.

The standout feature for me was the adjustable stepless dimming. This allowed me to find the perfect brightness level that suited both my eyes and the ambient lighting of my room. Overall, it's a commendable light bar that enhances my screen time experience, ensuring that my eyes are well-protected from strain.