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New Max 12W Professional Eye Caring Piano Lamp 55'' with Auto-Dimming

Sale price$139.99
New Max 12W Professional Eye Caring Piano Lamp 55'' with Auto-Dimming - quntis-service
New Max 12W Professional Eye Caring Piano Lamp 55'' with Auto-Dimming Sale price$139.99

About Quntis 55'' Ultra Wide Illumination Piano Light

Our piano music stand light features a distinctive asymmetrical lighting design that optimally illuminates sheet music and piano keys while effectively blocking blue light. This unique design relieves eye fatigue and protects your eyes, making it ideal for use by pianists and children alike.


Manual Stepless Dimming

The button steplessly dims brightness (5%-100%) and adjusts color temperature (3000K-6500K) with a long press. In addition, a single click of the button allows step-by-step adjustment through 5 levels.

Auto-Dimming with Ambient Light Sensor

The built-in ambient light sensor detects the surrounding light and intelligently adjusts the brightness to a comfortable level. You can also switch off the sensor and manually adjust the light to suit your playing style and mood.

55'' Ultra Wide Lighting

Wider than ordinary LED desk lamps, our 23.6" musician lamp head is wide enough to illuminate every key on the piano and provide the perfect light for the sheet music.

Anti-Glare & Flicker-Free

With a unique asymmetrical lighting design, our piano music stand light only illuminates the sheet music and piano keys while blocking blue light.

2 Hrs Timing Function

One key to turn on the timer mode, the light automatically turns off after 2 hours of timing. Avoid eye fatigue caused by long time practice and focus on eye health.

Steady Base Design

The Base design includes a non-slip rubber base that can be tilted up to 10°, providing effective anti-slip functionality to prevent any disruption while playing and also to safeguard your piano.

Included in the box

In the box:

  • 1 x Quntis Piano Lamp
  • 1 x 12V Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
vinod subramanian
Excellent light for upright piano

Very good options for intensity, colour temperature. Only one thing - I wish the length of the power adapter cable was about a meter longer.

Tiffany Hanks
My choice of piano light

Just the right size piano light. Loved the auto sensor that adjust the light brightness according to the room light. This piano really has all the natural light feature that does not tire eyes. Kids really like the light, it's better than the floor light. This black stand matched piano color well. Good price and could not find anything that work better than this light. So far very satisfied.

Great Light

Stable, adjustable in light type, brightness, and position on piano. Very happy.

High quality eyepieces
It’s the best

It’s a great addition to any piano. Its base keeps it from moving around, and it’s has fantastic lighting. It keeps all of the keys lit and visible with any music you are looking at. The adjustable brightness, color, and angle of lighting offer adaptability, no matter how tall you are or the height of the piano.

This is the way to go! Dont cheap out, this is the lighy you need for piano

bright sturdy and stylish