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Outdoor Semicircle IP65 Waterproof Solar Light for Garden Decorative (4pack)

Sale price$37.99

Outdoor Semicircle IP65 Waterproof Solar Light for Garden Decorative (4pack) - Quntis
Outdoor Semicircle IP65 Waterproof Solar Light for Garden Decorative (4pack) Sale price$37.99

About Quntis LED Solar Fence Lights

When you need some solar lights to create a soft and elegant atmosphere. Choose Quntis Solar Wall Lights, energy efficient, bright lights powered by solar panels. Hang these solar lights with confidence as fence lights, deck lights, backyard lights, porch lights, balcony lights, deck lights, railing lights, outdoor wall lights to create an inviting atmosphere for any outdoor area.


45° slope solar panel design

Easy to receive sunlight while avoiding fallen leaves accumulated on the top to block solar charging. Stylish appearance also decorates outdoor place.

IP65 waterproof and weather-resistant

Solar light is specially designed for outdoor illumination. With certified IP65 waterproof and extraordinary weather-resistant ability, it can withstand various weather situations and extreme temperatures.

Automatic switch

Automatically switch on and off according to the light. Turn on for illumination in the evening. Turn off for charging during the day. Give you a peace of mind by saving time and effort.

Simple installation

Drill a hole on the wall. Insert one anchor/screw in it. Then hang Quntis solar light. That’s all. Easy to learn and operate, suitable for everyone.

Fence Lights Soalr Powered Set

The solar wall lights comes in a relatively small and compact size for easy installation.The semi-circle solar light have the overall aesthetic of the light and the light shines in an unique honeycomb pattern.

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Looks beautiful in my backyard

I recently set up these 8 pieces of Solar Lights along my backyard fence line, and I'm impressed with the results. Each light comes equipped with an aluminum frame, a plastic light housing, a reflector, and a solar panel on top. The build quality feels robust, and the lights boast an IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring they can withstand exposure to rain and condensation.

One feature that stands out to me is the availability of 10 color modes. These lights offer more than just warm white illumination; users can select from a range of colors, including cool white, blue, and warm white. Installing the Solar Lights on my fence was a straightforward process - simply screw them onto flat surfaces of the fence.

During the day, the solar panels charge the internal 600mAh battery. It's important to ensure they receive direct sunlight for at least 4-6 hours to brighten up the night. Overall, these lights strike a great balance between functionality and style, and I'm pleased with their performance.

Jay Ramsay
Great price

I think these are great fence lights for the low price. I wouldn't rate as high if the price was higher. The quality isn't bad, but not premium either. I would say the build quality/durability is so-so. They work well though and were easy to install. They look nice at night. I would purchase them again. I think you will want to take them inside in the winter or risk them breaking. But well worth 56.99

Beautiful fence lights

These look great provide a ton of light and a very, very attractive easy to install screw the base to your fence or wall and then install the light

They stay on most of the night when charged throughout the day

Love the colour options.

I'm always a big fan of solar lights, giving you the option of changing colors. You can absolutely change colors to suit your mood or theme of say, a holiday or anything like such. These are definitely decent. They are a little small, however, keep that in mind when ordering. That being said the angle of the solar panel is ideal for getting a lot of sun. However, again, the solar panels are fairly small on them. They do put out a fair amount of light considering how small they actually are. But I haven't seen them last fully throughout the night yet. Even though they are getting a lot of sun throughout the day. I believe it's just due to the solar panel size in general. Overall, I do really like them. I've gotten some compliments on them. We have them around our deck and they look sharp. Cost wise. They are a bit more expensive than similar lights that may not have the RGB option And I can't speak on their durability yet. As I've had white lights that were similar and very cheap. And they didn't hold up after the first year. I'm hoping these will be better.

Perfect ambient lighting.

These solar lights were very quick and easy to set up. The quality and design is great. The solar panels have no problem charging the internal rechargeable batteries. It's simple to switch color modes, and the light is easy on the eyes. The lights look fantastic, and they run all night.

I like these lights. They work perfectly and look great.