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RGB LED Hexagon Wall Lights,WL004

Sale price$42.99 Regular price$51.99

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RGB LED Hexagon Wall Lights,W004 - Quntis
RGB LED Hexagon Wall Lights,WL004 Sale price$42.99 Regular price$51.99

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Just as fantastic as we thought they would be

Hexagon LED lights

I was quite excited to try these, as my husband and I have been looking at them for a good while but we always found them to be too pricey, these however are much cheaper than all of the others we've seen and they're quite good too.

You get 8 hexagonal panels, which are roughly 8cm wide and 1.5cm deep. Individually, these each have 5 ports, one on each side and on the 6th side, there is a usb, which is to connect that panel, to the next light panel. So you could add a good amount of them together. They're easy to add to one another and you have adhesive stickers to place them on the wall too. You can have them going in different directions, creating different shapes, lines etc.

You have a decent length power cable attached, on this is a switch, which can change modes and other things too. You also have a remote control, this needs 2AAA batteries. This can change modes, change the speed of light colour sequences and more. You also have an app to use with it too, this connects via Bluetooth.

The app is called 'Magic Lantern'. In the app you can customise the colours that you see, access a huge amount of different sequences to use, set schedules for the lights to come on/off and a good bit more too.

I would absolutely recommend these. They're just as good as I thought they would be. Worth the price.

Great idea

Nephew snaffled this as soon as he saw it. Really funky light set which be designed to suit your mood in both shape and colour. Responds well. Looks sleek and stylish and comes with the adhesive patches to secure to the wall. Would recommend.

Stewart T
Not Cheap (£42) but Very Colourful

Astonishing brightness and vast range of lighting effects. See vid. Transform your living room Great

Miserable Old G1t
I Absolutely LOVE these Lights ...... 🤪👍🏼

I really wasn't expecting to like these as much as I do .... 😁👍🏼

I would have loved to have had this on my Bedroom wall as a Kid in the early 1980's .... So I guess I'll have to have them on my games room wall in the 2020's 🤪

I opened the box & pulled out the really lightweight panels & slotted them together in a random design ... Turned it on and WOW !! How cool is that the lights seemed to know where the end of the design was & they just followed a path to the end changing colours as it went... I then took them apart several times & placed them in random orders and it still looked cool .... Even when I made a sort of circle the colours seem to rotate around (Now this would be cool around a clock I thought !)

I popped 2 x AAA batteries in the remote (Not supplied) & started to play again with all the patterns & colours . trying out the Music Function was brilliant ... the Waves of light changed to how they interpreted the music ... Damn ! This is COOL !

Out the box you have the panels set to 8 Pixels & if you attach another set this can be changed to 112 for better visuals , the more sets you add the better this will get .

After installing the APP "Magic Lantern" from the google play store it open up a LOT more customisation ... this pretty much means the remote can stay in the box if you have a smartphone.

You now get 2 x Music effects along with the ability to change the colours using a scroll wheel... And there are literally LOADS of different pre-set colour styles to choose from .
You can also set timers form the light to come on & go off ... Brilliant !

I have to get another set now .... LOL

Hope this helps ...

Very cool gaming lights

These are really cool, they look great at my gaming desk. The lights are good quality and they are easy to operate with the remote.