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Article: Is necessary to have a monitor light bar?

Is necessary to have a monitor light bar?

Is necessary to have a monitor light bar?

Why should you need a monitor light bar?

Are you a night owl who enjoys working and playing computer games at night? Do you suffer so much from "bedtime procrastination" or "bed procrastination" that you have to spend a miserable time on the computer? Are you a career maniac who needs to stay up late working? If the above situation resonates with you, then a monitor light bar is worth for you! The mission of Quntis monitor light bar is to help you spend the night more easily, improve work efficiency, and protect your eyes. Let’s know it deeply through the following article!

What is monitor light bar?--monitor light bar vs desk lamp

It's compact lighting equipment with a specially designed clamp that you can put it on the top of your monitor. It saves precious desk space and brights your workspace easily. Monitor light bar also has many advantages that desk lamp don’t has.

Spacing-saving: Monitor light bar just needs to be fixed on the monitor with weighted clip which contains our exquisite design. Compared with spring clip, it uses the principle of gravity to keep the screen light bar attached on the monitor firmly and prevent the screen from scratching simultaneously. Killing two birds with one stone.

Zero glare: Glare is light that enters your eye and interferes with your vision which makes your eyes uncomfortable and causes eye fatigue. Starting from the design, Quntis monitor light bar adopts 45°angled asymmetrical optical so that the projected light neither hits the screen nor the human eyes, but only focuses on the desktop.

LED ScreenLinear Office Series ML206 (20.5Inch) - Quntis

No Blue Light Hazard: blue light has short wavelength, the focus is located in the center of the retina so the long exposure time to blue light causes a worsening of visual fatigue and nearsightedness. Quntis screenlinear is certified to comply with IEC/TR 62778 and IEC/EN 62471 standards, effectively eliminating harmful blue light. It is good at reducing eye irritation and ensures optimal eye protection.

No screen flicker: A lot of LED lights flicker rapidly which causes eye damage. Good products use high-quality zero-flicker LED to solve this problem effectively and provide stable light source output.

Smart control: You are free to choose different color temperature and brightness to create the lighting mode that suits you best. If you think this is too troublesome, don’t worry, auto-dimming will do this for you. The only thing you need to do is enjoying comfortable light with peace of mind. So simple but so comfortable.

Bias lighting: Bias lighting is a weak light source on the backside of a screen or monitor that illuminates the wall or surface behind and just around the display. In other words, backlight. When working or playing game in a dark room, the contrast between the bright screen and the surrounding darkness can cause eye strain. Bias lighting alleviates this problem by reducing the contrast between the screen and the background, thereby reducing fatigue on the eyes.

What is the usage of monitor light bar?

Gaming setup: Are you a gaming fan? A complete gaming setup is sure to take your gaming experience to another level! In addition to mice, controllers, and headphones. What else can make you happier playing games? Correct! room lighting! Screenlinear RGB 201 and Screenlinear RGB 211 have 15 mode colors backlight. Options for monochrome, dual-color gradient and dynamic multicolor gradient modes. They born to enhance the visual experience of gaming. The top choice for gaming enthusiasts.

LED ScreenLinear Gamezone Series RGB  Light Bar MC211 (19.7Inch) - Quntis

Office lighting: Good office lighting solutions help improve worker productivity and focus while reducing energy consumption. Screenlinear ML205 and Screenlinear ML206 have stable lighting with no flicker and the brightness will automatically adjust to the most appropriate level based on the lighting condition around employee. They have a ability to minimize eye fatigue, ensure work efficiency, and improve office happiness.

Drawing online: Color is one of the most powerful tools in dawn online. Vibrant and true colors attract attention, express meaning, stimulate emotions and create desire. A high color rendering index (CRI) of 95 enhances color accuracy, making objects on the screen appear vivid and lifelike. This is especially beneficial for professionals who work with color.

Suitable for laptop: Different from monitors, laptops are thinner and lighter. The screen light bars on the market can be used on most monitors, but they are not suitable for laptops. So the new type Screenlinear MC001 is specially built for laptops. Its slim and stylish design makes it easy to carry. It also has all the functions of a monitor light bar.

Wide application: Whether a straight screen or a curved screen, MU 208 and MU210 can be used in all of them. Their wide range clip allows them to fit most monitors of various thicknesses. One lighting device satisfies all kinds of monitors. Super good cost-effectiveness for sure!

How can I get more information on Quntis screen light bar?

We still have desk lamps and other good lighting devices. We sincerely invite you to browse them on our website and find one for yourself. There are more good articles waiting for you to read!



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