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LED ScreenLinear Gamezone Series RGB Light Bar MC211 (19.7Inch), Monitor Light Bar with 15 Colorful RGB Backlight

Sale price$36.99 Regular price$42.99

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LED ScreenLinear Gamezone Series RGB  Light Bar MC211 (19.7Inch) - Quntis
LED ScreenLinear Gamezone Series RGB Light Bar MC211 (19.7Inch), Monitor Light Bar with 15 Colorful RGB Backlight Sale price$36.99 Regular price$42.99

About Quntis RGB Light bar MC201

This gaming desk LED light features 15 colorful RGB backlight options, allowing users to choose a fixed color or a continuously changing mode. The adjustable brightness and color change modes help to reduce light differences, protecting users' eyes while enhancing their gaming experience. This product also provides users with the ability to enjoy both exciting moments and relaxation in their entertainment world.


45° Asymmetric Light Design

The front and back lights work together to provide more even and balanced lighting across the screen and surrounding area, reducing eye fatigue.

Adjustable RGB Backlight

With 15 modes of color backlighting to choose from, you can completely change your ambiance with a simple tap of the RGB button on the right. Lighting effects create visually stimulating environments that enhance your immersive movie and gaming experience.

Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness

The monitor light offers three levels of brightness and adjustable color temperature (3000K-4000K-6500K) to personalize the lighting for your comfort. Also, you can adjust the brightness as you like, the interval is 25%~100%.

Fit Most Monitors with Thicknesses from 0. 39" to 1.18"

Just rotate the screen light bar of the rotation angle to experience optimal light coverage. Our scientifically designed weighted clip with non-slip rubber ensures attachment to your monitor without damaging the screen.



Select the Monitor light bar for the dimensions of your computer screen to enhance your gaming and movie-watching experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
jeffrey jenkins
Enhance Your PC Experience

Absolutely love the Quntis Monitor Light Bar! It's a game-changer for my PC setup. The LED lamp with touch control not only enhances my screen visibility but also reduces eye strain during extended use. The sleek design complements my workspace perfectly. Easy to install and adjust, it provides the ideal lighting for immersive gaming and work sessions. A must-have accessory for any PC enthusiast.

Jennifer Abu Mostafa
Very nice

This makes your computer 🖥️ life easy it’s easy to install and very bright! Perfect

Reduce eye sworness

I work from home and game couple hours a day, my eyestrain was bad. Friends recommended a light bar to help and found the Quntis RGB LED lamp, it's has greatly help with my eyes. This LED monitor lights up my work/play area nicely!

I love the RGB on top, it looks awesome!

John Cobbin
Great light bar even fits on my laptop

I wanted to get a lightbar and was looking at Quntis' other products when i happened upon this one with the RGB.

i absolutely love this thing - it is able to illuminate my desk area so i don't have to turn on the overhead light. and the RGB portion gives off enough ambient lighting that i leave it on when im just chilling in the room.

there three presets are nice for the main light temperature but i usually stick with the warmest settings. the bar is able to tilt a bit so that i can sit in my chair and the light is neither in my face nor is is it shining directly on my screen.

although i wish it were longer the usb power cord is just long enough to go onthe top of my TV monitor and connect to the usb hub on my desk.
i usually use it on a 35" Bravia as my main screen but i tested the bar on my latop and as long as you are sitting at a table /desk it will balance just fine- doesnt block my web cam and light shines properly.

So bright!

This monitor light was really easy to assemble, and the adhesive is strong and sturdy on my curved monitor( I thought the curvature would hinder it but it works the same !)
I really like the RGB function instead of it just being a lamp, the rgb really adds some nice color for whatever mood I’m in. The light quality is nice and bright, especially cause I keep my settings on cool tone white light. There’s no flickering or haziness, the bulbs are nice quality.
Great for the price too, love this monitor light bar so much!