LED ScreenLinear Gamezone Series RGB Light Bar MC211 (19.7Inch)

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Enjoy and Relieve Eye Strain with Quntis ScreenLinear RGB Pro Computer Monitor Light

45° Asymmetric Light Design

The front and back lights work together to provide more even and balanced lighting across the screen and surrounding area, reducing eye fatigue

Adjustable RGB Backlight

With 15 modes of color backlighting to choose from, you can completely change your ambiance with a simple tap of the RGB button on the right. Lighting effects create visually stimulating environments that enhance your immersive movie and gaming experience.

Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness

The monitor light offers three levels of brightness and adjustable color temperature (3000K-4000K-6500K) to personalize the lighting for your comfort. Also, you can adjust the brightness as you like, the interval is 25%~100%.

Ra95 High CRI ShowReal Color

The color rendering index reaches up to Ra95*, enhancing vibrant and true-to-life colors, and making objects on your screen appear vivid and realistic.

Fit Most Monitors with Thicknesses from 0. 39" to 1.18"

Just rotate the screen light bar of the rotation angle to experience optimal light coverage. Our scientifically designed weighted clip with non-slip rubber ensures attachment to your monitor without damaging the screen.

Enhances overall eye comfort whether you're working or relaxing


Quntis ScreenLinear RGB PRO monitor bar light features an innovative design with complementary front and back light sources, minimizing glare caused by light-dark contrast and providing more uniform balanced lighting across your screen and surrounding area.

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RGB MC201 & RGB Pro MC211
Product Dimension

15.7 Inch

19.7 Inch

Item Weight

1.17 Pounds

1.26 Pounds

Controller Type

Touch Control

Touch Control

Compatible Screen Dimensions

17~21 Inch

>21 Inch

Compatible Screen Thickness

0.39~1.18 Inch

0.39~1.18 Inch

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