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LED ScreenLinear Q-Curve Series MU210 (15.7Inch)

Sale price$59.99

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LED ScreenLinear Q-Curve Series MU210 (15.7Inch) - quntis-service
LED ScreenLinear Q-Curve Series MU210 (15.7Inch) Sale price$59.99

About Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Computer Monitor Light Bar

The Quntis HY210 display light has a three-stage gravity clamp and auxiliary clamps for curved displays (up to 1000R). Adjustable dual-axis clamps provide high stability and support almost all displays (thickness 0.5cm~9cm). The L-shaped USB-C input cable secures space on the clamp and provides a well-configured position. You can also control multiple HY210 light bars with a wireless remote.


New triple-section weighted clip for curved monitors

Our new three-section counterweight clamp is perfect for curved monitors up to 1000R! It features unique adjustment pads and an adjustable dual-axis Clamp Plus that fits most monitors from 0.19 inches to 3.54 inches thick.


The ScreenLinear MU210 monitor features a built-in ambient light sensor that constantly adjusts the brightness based on the surrounding light, ensuring the optimal brightness at all times.

Smart Remote Control

Mode Switching: To toggle between color temperature and brightness modes.

Slide Control:The 15 dots offer a granular level of control over either color temperature or brightness.

45° Asymmetric Light Design

The Light Bar is equipped with a light source that is specifically designed to offer an even and consistent illumination, aiming to effectively safeguard your eyes and alleviate tiredness.

Ultra Wide Lighting Coverage

Create a lighting atmosphere that is gentle, soft, and immersive, providing enhanced eye comfort.


The High CRI enhances vibrant and true-to-life colors, making objects on your screen appear vivid and realistic.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Lights 10” e-ink monitor, wish clip was better

My 10.3” e-ink monitor (pictured) does not have front lights built into it, so I need an external light for it if the ambient light isn’t bright enough (think Kindle with the lighting off).

I’ve tried a number of different monitor light bars like this, including a shorter one made for laptops (not bright enough), another brand similar to this one (also not bright enough), and a gooseneck music reading light, which was definitely bright enough, but the gooseneck was ironically hard to adjust and looked very messy.

This one is great. The picture was taken in the evening with the light bar set on medium warmth & brightness, so it definitely has enough power to light the whole screen (although it is notably brighter at the top and fades off a little toward the bottom, but that’s to be expected. Fine as long as it’s readable).

The only thing I don’t like about it is the way it clips onto the top. It’s probably fine for most people who are lighting a stationary, standard LCD/OLED desktop monitor, but for me, the gravity thing gets in the way as my monitor is on an adjustable arm, and the clip isn’t strong enough to keep it stationary if I move the arm around.

Besides that, definitely recommend.

I’m loving this

I just added this monitor light bar to my desk setup, and it’s absolutely amazing. It adds just a little more razzle dazzle to my desk. It was easy for me to set up and changing the brightness and temperature of the light is as easy as a tap of the bar . And the price is unmatched. I definitely recommend this product if your looking for an affordable way to spruce up your work space

Natalie klimovich
It's perfect

I love how slim it is and the light is bright enough and can dim nicely

Yoichi Tanaka
It’s a great idea

The light can be easily adjusted, The light can be easily adjusted,

Great Product

This is a great product. It has good brightness and the mounting system is also good. It took a little bit to get it straight on my monitor but after that it was fine.