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LED ScreenLinear Focus Series WC207 (31.5Inch)

Sale price$89.99 Regular price$109.99

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LED ScreenLinear Focus Series WC207 (31.5Inch) - quntis-service
LED ScreenLinear Focus Series WC207 (31.5Inch) Sale price$89.99 Regular price$109.99


Button introduction

Stepless Dimming&Temperature

The ScreenLinear computer monitor light offers three levels of brightness and adjustable color temperature (3000K-4000K-6500K) to personalize the lighting for your comfort. You can choose a warm and cozy light for relaxation or a bright and cool light for focused work.


Ultra Wide Lighting Coverage

Create a lighting atmosphere that is gentle, soft, and immersive, providing enhanced eye comfort

Flexible Gooseneck

The silicone gooseneck design makes it easy to find and can be adjusted to evenly cover the entire desktop. The clamp can support a maximum desktop thickness of 10.2cm and fits well with the overall desktop.

The clamp of the lamp supports a max desktop thickness of 3.42'' and fits with your overall desktop.

The strong and scratch-resistant metal clamp mounts firmly to any workbench, supports the maximum thickness of desk edge up to 4.01 inches. Levels up your desk setup.

The light can greatly relieve eye fatigue and protect your eyes, ideal for architect,students,painters,designers,and office workers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Great lamp and even better product support.

I've had this lamp for about a year and a half over my dual monitors and it's been a great desk and eye saver. I needed something that wouldn't take up more space on my desk (cats take up enough as it is) but wouldn't cause glare onto my screens either. Great for both work and crafting, tempted to get a second for my puzzle table!

Update: I was so sad when I had to move my desk to another room when when removing the lamp from my desk, the base of the neck came free from the clamp at the welds. I reached out to the seller to see if they had any suggestions and they sent me a brand new lamp as they felt it wasn't up to their quality standards! highly impressed.

Was already recommending this lamp to others, will definitely continue to do so!

Best purchase for home work station

Received damaged-free. Perfect for your home work station especially for those working 8+ hours daily. Helps in relieving eye strain. Must buy.

Neat little lamp that's very bright but not for monitor light without customization

Pro: Tall, flexible and bright.
Con: two switch seems helpful but creates more process. It is not a monitor screen light without customization.

Build quality seems okay, can customize brightness, color temp separately for each half of the light. It is tall and very flexible to form, will hold in position without problems.

On each side of the light, there is a touch button that used for change all the settings. Two things not so great are:
1. Turn off is long hold, switch color is tap, I always register a tap instead of long hold for turning it off. Which I have to tap multiple times to get back to the color I want.
2. Each light is controlled individually, which means if you want to turn off both light, you have to tap two buttons instead of one.

I bought it and want to use it as monitor light. How ever its cover is semi-sphere, which means the light will shine to your eyes and monitor screen. It does not have any sort of directional light as of monitor light. So I taped part of it with black tape to stop the light shining to my eyes. which then worked decent as a monitor light.

Great light for multple screens table!

Absolutely love this light, very versatile. Can be used for multiple screens table but also for curved screen (just need to place properly)

Office light
Office lamp

Beautiful light amazing for a home office and computer set up. Various different light saturations and brightnesses. Easy to set up