31.5" Super Wide Auto-Dimming Brightness Adjustment Architect Table Lamp

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Great desk lamp

The lamp packaging was good, well cushioned and thought out. Lamp was easy to assemble, good balance, and lights up my desk well. I have a glass desk and the clamp didn't tighten enough for the thin desk top, however slide some of the packing foam between the screw and desk. Worked great.

The height of my computer screens is 24 inches and the lamp height worked well.

Stop reading and buy this now

I love this lamp! I wanted to give it 5 stars from the moment I saw it! Getting it up and running just confirms how great it is! Short version: If you need a tall lamp, a lamp that covers the width of a large desk, a lamp that can sit at the back of your desk and throw lots of light but not in your face, and a lamp that doesn't take up table space, this is it! Only one caveat: If you need a very bright lamp, say for photography or some other special use, this is not it. But for bright, even, workspace illumination, its great!

If you need this lamp, you know it as soon as you glance at the picture. You're probably like me where you work at a reasonably large desk, have a couple monitor stands, a microphone stand, maybe a camera stand, and a couple light stands to get illumination where you want it. This means your desk is cluttered with mounts, stands, cables and just stuff you really don't need getting in the way of your work. This lamp to the rescue! It sits BEHIND your monitor and is TALL enough to reach right over - so no more lamps out on your desk surface. It is wide enough it easily throws illumination across the full width of my 60" desk (it may go a bit further but starts falling off). Because it has a very nice gooseneck, you can angle the light so that, even though it is above your eye line, none of the light hits your eyes! Bright and even illumination with no glare! It all works quite well and I couldn't be happier at this moment.

For those still making a decision, a few more details: The max effective height to reach over a monitor is 27" from desktop. The gooseneck is a bit shorter than I'd like -- it starts at 22" so you only have 5" of flex. I doubt this will really cause problems for anyone, but since the top of my widescreen monitor is only 19" from the top of my desk, I was hoping to extend the light out more over the work surface. Seriously though, once I got it set up, I realized it was unnecessary for any normal desk depth (mine is 32"). The controls are on the front edge and illuminated. This is great! (If it seems obvious to you, I just bought a $300 lamp from a leading brand and the controls are on the bottom of the arm and not illuminated!). The desk clamp is huge! Literally the biggest I've seen. It is 2.5" deep and 3.5" tall. This is a huge jaw that will adjust to most any odd-shaped desk edge. I will say the clamp is a bit lighter gauge metal than I prefer but I can't see it would be a problem since the lamp is not heavy. The lamp has 4 temperatures which run from about 3500 to 5500. And finally, it has a light sensor mode so you can set it to turn off when sunlight is streaming in. Recommended!



No Screen Glare Monitor Light - Is Designed with a unique 45° bevel asymmetric optical design that illuminates your entire workspace while preventing light from entering your face and eyes. It provides ample diffuse lighting and comfortable light to help you reduce eye strain and build a good mood to get work done.

20 Modes&Touch Control - Have easy-to-control touch buttons, brightness and color temperature can be easily adjusted through sensitive touch control, 4 color temperature modes (3000K-4000K-5000K-6500K), 5 dimmable brightness levels (10%-25%-50 %-70%-100%), making light a more eye-friendly option. Long press the color temperature key or the brightness key to enter the stepless color matching mode or stepless dimming mode.

31.5Inch Ultra Wide and Super Bright - The 31.5" Home Office Lamp is wide enough to provide 200% wider and greater lighting coverage, enough to illuminate your entire workspace.

Auto dimming & Memory Function - The 2022 Upgraded monitor light has a built-in smart lighting sensor that puts it in automatic setting mode with the click of switch.The light sensor will automatically sense your surroundings and adjust the brightness to the most appropriate level.The memory function will remember the last setting and no need to reset when turned on again.
There is also a 2-hour auto-off timer to remind you to take proper rest.

360°Flexible gooseneck & Super Stable Clamp - With clamp is carefully crafted to make it more secure and stable.The light features a long neck that swivels and bends, allowing you to focus work at the perfect angle. The silicone gooseneck design is easy to locate and can be flexibly adjusted to evenly cover the desktop. The clamp supports a maximum desktop thickness of 10.2cm and fits perfectly with your overall desktop.

Package Dimensions: 42.5 x 3.9 x 3.1 inches

Long Lifespan & Long Warranty:Check our Warranty Policy. If you have any questions with Quntis computer monitor light bar, just let us know or send a email:support@quntis.comEnjoy your shopping with Quntis!

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