In the box are the light bar itself, the mounting bracket, the USB-A to USB-C cable, some adapter blocks for different size screens, and some small allen keys. I’m not sure what these were for but assume they are to tighten the joints on the bracket if required.

The light bar has 4 touch-sensitive buttons to turn the light on/off, change the brightness and colour temperature and turn on the automatic brightness sensor. These are all responsive and only need a light touch to get a response.

Set up is easy. The light bar slides into the mount and the cable is plugged into the USB-C port on the back. As my monitor has a curved back my mounting option was just to place the light bar on top of the monitor and use the inbuilt counterweight to hold the light in place.If you have a monitor with a flat back, the mount has a spring-loaded clamp to fix it to your screen.

There are also some adapter blocks so the light bar can fit onto ultra-thin monitors. The mounting bracket has some height adjustment and the light bar pivots in the fitting to allow you to adjust the light to the ideal position. This will help reduce any glare off the screen. 

The light bar has 4 brightness levels and for most of my testing during the day I have kept it at level 3. The built-in brightness sensor will adjust the light throughout the day depending on the ambient light in your room. This is a nice feature but the only downside to this is a small blue LED that is only on when using the sensor. This happens to be right in my eyeline and is a little annoying although over time I found I noticed it less.

Colour temperature ranges from warm white 3000k to cool white 6500k, again in 4 increments. Like the brightness, for most of my testing, I kept this as the 3rd option. At 6500k the light feels a little harsh but I imagine for certain work or if you use your desk for other activities this may come in handy.

The USB cable is long enough to sit on top of my monitor and reach the extension lead on the floor. I had to dig out a spare USB plug to power it. It’s a shame there isn’t one supplied with it but most people these days have a spare lying around so it isn’t too much of a problem.

After a month or so of using the light bar on a daily basis, I found that I was using this more as my main source of light over the big light in my office and would notice on a darker day if I hadn’t turned the lamp on. It is now a staple item to my desk setup and I’ve noticed it even makes video calls look better by indirectly illuminating my face.

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