LED ScreenLinear Office Series MC001, Fit for Laptop

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Enjoy with ScreenLinear Pro Max Fit for Laptop

Quntis Laptop Monitor Light Supports Two Dimming Modes

Stepless Dimming

With 3000K-6500K stepless hue temperature adjustment allows you to switch between cold light and warm light at will for a comfortable work environment all day.

Adjustable Dimming&Temperature

You can manually adjust the brightness and color temperature with just a click or a long press, ensuring a comfortable work environment throughout the day. Our office screen light offers stepless color temperature adjustment ranging from 3000K to 6500K, allowing you to switch between cold and warm light with ease.

No Screen Glare & Flicker-Free Anti-Blue Light

Blocking blue light and optical radiation, and relieve eye fatigue and protect your eyes, screen light bar the ideal choice for students, painters, designers and business office workers

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Product Dimension




Item Weight


1.1 Pounds


Controller Type

‎Touch Control

‎Touch Control

‎Touch Control

For laptop




Compatible Screen Dimensions

All laptop screens



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ottimo prodotto

Ottimo prodotto

Client d'
Éclairage adaptatif et non éblouissant

Mon portable n'a pas de clavier rétro-éclairé, cet éclairage est top.

Good but you can find much cheaper

It's a good led for laptop and computer. A small issue was already addressed by s a Chinese customer here: the thing is on the heavy side and once you attach it to your computer, and you want to move it a little up (to enlighten more of the front of your laptop for instance, or to allow to read a book or paper in front of your laptop, it may tot stick, and slide down again under its own weight. This can indeed be addressed with the small hex key which is delivered with the set. But in order to do that, you need to remove one of the small rubber caps on one of the sides (which one remains to be seen - both look identical, but only on one side is the place where you can screw it on a little). This indeed solves that problem.

My other remark is that I also already had the Arespark Monitor lamp ) (https://www.amazon.com.be/-/nl/dp/B0922KVJ8C) which was just half of the price (20 Euro vs 40 Euro). I had given it away to someone, so I needed a new one and I took this more expensive model, which is probably better in built quality, but in terms of functionality is pretty much the same - just no automatic dimming. Next time I need another one, I would definitely buy again the Arespark, which is also less heavy and does not need any hex key or screwdriver, it is very light weight and has the same choices for selecting brightness, light temperature.

Bonne lampe

Comme indiqué, elle pivote et est dimmable. Impeccable !

Makes up for no longer having a backlit keyboard.

Although I'm a touch typist so don't have to look at the keyboard to know where the keys are, I really miss having a backlit keyboard especially in low light levels. This Laptop Monitor Lamp does the job of lighting the keyboard with differing levels of light and colour levels. A great purchase.