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Article: How to hang outdoor string light?--an ultimate guide manual form Quntis

How to hang outdoor string light?--an ultimate guide manual form Quntis

How to hang outdoor string light?--an ultimate guide manual form Quntis

What to do with string of lights?

String lights are multi-faceted. You can use them to line any part of your home and outdoors. Perfect for all kinds of festivals such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, and important dates like hosting festive dinner parties, decorating happy weddings and so on.

How to hang string light?

Hanging outdoor string lighting is not hard, but if you want to install it right the first time. It takes a lot of planning. Now we provide a step-by-step instruction to assistance you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Step One--- Measure & Make a Plan

Before buying light strings, you need to choose a location where you want to hang these string lights and determine a power source. If there is no outside outlet, it is necessary to prepare one. you can use a tape measure to measure the distance along the length of the location you choose including any twists or crisscross configurations. what's more, installing light strings also needs some tools and we have already list them below:

Guy wire kit
Wire cutter
Zip ties
Electric drill
Extension cords
String lights

Thoughtful tips
①The supports you choose to hang string lights must be sturdy and heavy enough.
②Tight string lights look more neat while looser ones feel more casual. If you want to have looser ones, you should add more to the original calculation numbers.

Step two--Mount Screw Hooks

With the help of an assistant, pull the light string up between the two supports you want to install them. Repeatedly adjust to ensure the distance between the supports is correct and the tightness of the light string suits your needs. Then two people mark the position on the supports and drill the pilot hole. After the hole is drilled, the screw hook can be placed at the installation point.

Step Three--Connect All the Wires

Loosen the nut of the wire clamp, then insert the wire through the rounded side of the wire tension hook and bring it back to get through the other screw hook and insert it into the clamp. Finally, tighten the nut.

Step four--Put the Lights in the Right Place

When all the guide wires are finished, it’s time to use zip ties to fix the lights.
pass the zip tie through the small hole on the top of the light
use two ends of the zip tie to wrap the guide wire
Tight the zip tie
You will find the light is tightly fixed under the guide wire

A thoughtful tip
The same color of zip ties and string lights will make the entire environment looks more comfortable

Step Five--Turn on the Switch and Enjoy Your Masterpiece

After several hours of hard work, it’s time to sit down to drink and eat with your beloved one. The lights are dotted in the night sky like stars, shining brightly and beautiful like a fairyland. In such a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, forget the hustle and bustle of the world and let us just enjoy this hard-earned beauty and happiness...
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