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Article: Review of the Quntis Monitor Light with RGB Backlight

Review of the Quntis Monitor Light with RGB Backlight

So, here I am typing at my computer wondering whether a computer monitor light bar with an RGB backlight is worth it. Indeed, if you’re looking for something to add some ambience to your workspace, any kind of lighting system will work to make things a bit different. There are so many options on the market for different kinds of LED lighting, including RGB style ambient lights that can be hard to even bother looking at all.

In this article, I share my opportunity to test out the Quntis Monitor Light with RGB Backlight. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to add ambience and functional lighting to your desk workspace. If you’re a creative type working at a computer a lot, this could be an interesting way to change things up and add a bit of interest to your workspace. What I won’t do is hype. Yes, a monitor light, even a budget level system is useful as I discovered.

Disclaimer: Quntis provided me with a demo copy of their Monitor Light with RGB backlighting system. Of course, with any review, I maintain my liberty to express my honest opinion, good or bad, about any product we test. I hope you find this review helpful!


Quick touch operation is easy and intuitive. The mechanism that holds the light in place is decent, but a heavy hand may move the light out of place when you’re turning the light on/off or making adjustments with the switches.


For a more powerful and useful monitor lighting design, take a closer look at the Quntis Monitor Light Pro+, which comes with a handy remote. And, while it is a bit more money, I think it is a really good value and I was quite impressed! Overall, if you’re looking to try out a monitor light, don’t want to spend a lot, and have a keen interest in adding some RGB fun to your computer space.

I highly recommend the Quntis Monitor Light as a worthy investment for enhancing any detailed-oriented and visually demanding hobby workspace.


The RGB backlight cycles back and forth. It’s fancy way to add a bit of mood to your otherwise pragmatic setup.


  • Eye Protection: Certifications like IEC62471 and IEC62778, LED>700Lux, CRI>95
  • Asymmetric Optical Design: 45% design to prevent glare and direct eye contact
  • Dual Light Source: Combines a monitor lamp with 15 RGB backlight modes
  • Adjustable Settings: Three color temperatures and brightness levels (25%, 50%, 100%)
  • Memory Function and Touch Controls: Easy to use, remembers last settings
  • Sturdy Build: Made from lightweight and impact-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Easy Installation: Patented spherical clamp, suitable for most monitors (excluding curved displays and laptops


The Monitor Light arrived safe and sound in the packaging. It comes with a power cord and the light itself. The foam is the typical black compression type stuff that keeps things from jostling around during travel. An instruction manual is also included, which is super easy to understand. There’s not much to installation, which I’ll get into shortly below.

Overall, the package is compact and clean. Easy to open and see where everything is. I’m intrigued.

Upon lifting the lamp out of the package, the overall fit and finish was solid and I felt like this would fit right in with my mid-tier monitor. It’s an average, non-nonsense monitor light. I was left with the impression that this would do the job with a bit of fun flair.


Installation is a 1-2 affair. First, take out the lamp and following the manual, remove the sticky backing on the “ball-like” counter weight, and place it on top of your monitor. While this lamp won’t work on laptops or curved monitor; installation and setup was super easy on the three monitors I tested this on: All of them have semi-flat backs but of varying screen thickness.

While I did find some wobbling initially with the lamp being unstable, a bit of light pressure on the sticky-backing on the hook kept things pretty sturdy. For a more secure hold, you could use double sided tape or DIY some type of velcro attachment if you wanted to. I left it as-is using the factory setup and it held fine.


The Quntis Light Bar with RGB backlight is as simple looking as you’ll get. Its minimalistic style with black matte finish will fit right in with any monitor or desktop setup you have. Although, I know some of you have those bright white setups or fancy Apple-esque workstations. And, for you, this may stick out like a sore thumb.

The lamp itself once setup right on your monitor looks like it belongs there. It has a small silhouette which won’t bother field-of-view. Importantly, if you have a built-in webcam, the light bar won’t block it either.

For Miniature Painters

The Quntis Monitor Light an interesting, but limited asset for miniature painters. Its high Color Rendering Index (CRI) accurately represents colors, a crucial factor when working with intricate color details and paint mixing. However, the limited scope of where you can place the light–it’s stuck to your monitor–prevents it broader application to an actual hobby desk.

The adjustable brightness and color temperature settings can be particularly useful though if you’re at a computer for related things, like posting on social media or editing a YouTube video of your work. For example, if you wish to edit photos or videos with the light on, it’s great for that too! But, I wouldn’t recommend this as your sole lighting solution if you need more precision when painting miniatures or models.

For Office Workers

For those who work at a computer desk for long hours, the Quntis Monitor Light is great for reducing eye strain. The soft, adjustable lighting prevents glare and harsh lighting that can cause fatigue and headaches. Plus, the added RGB backlighting can provide a fun and dynamic element to your workspace.

The compact design also makes it easy to install on any monitor without taking up much space. And, its simple operation allows for seamless integration into your work routine. I do think it looks fun to use.

For Gamers

The Quntis Light Bar can also add a cool touch to any gaming setup. With its RGB backlighting and customizable color modes, it’s perfect for creating an immersive atmosphere while playing games. I don’t play much anymore these days. But for those who game… a bit of ambience may enhance the immersion.


Wrapping up this review, the Quntis Monitor Light is like that cool, new gadget you didn’t know you wanted for your workspace. It’s not for everyone. But, the light is nifty for those who spend a lot of time at their computer workstation or want a bit more focused lighting on their office desk space without a lamp taking up precious desk space.

The RGB backlight is a neat and fun feature. But, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. If you’ve got a curved monitor or a laptop, this light’s not playing ball. And, it’s a stay-put kind of light, so don’t expect to move it around for different angles.

Design-wise, it’s sleek and unobtrusive, but might stick out in super bright or unique setups.

Bottom line? If you’re after a wallet-friendly way to jazz up your desk and get some good light, the Quntis is a pretty solid bet. But, if you need more precise lighting for your hobbies or work, it’s best to look elsewhere.

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