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Article: Review- Quntis Solar Landscape Spotlight Daily use & Christmas Holiday

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Review- Quntis Solar Landscape Spotlight Daily use & Christmas Holiday

Today, Quntis wants to share a review with you. He tested the landscape light in cold white.  

Hey, friends. Beautiful day here in Colorado. As you can see, the garden is starting to come in pretty great. We spend a lot of time picking up the right plants that survive the Colorado environment, but we're missing one important thing, and that's lights. Today, we're gonna take a look at a great solar light option and tell you why this should be your pick if you're looking for lighting up your front yard or garden area. 

Are LED landscape lights worth it?

When you're picking lighting for your garden space, front yard especially, there are a couple options to choose from. Basically, you can go with something that's wired, which requires you to run all of your wires underneath your ground. If you don't want them showing, then you have to bring them all the way up to your house, maybe create a timer box so they don't go on and you forget about them and just leave them on all night. Or you can go with solar and solar is gonna allow us to get to all of these different garden beds, create some really nice lighting effects that show up at night with zero wires required. So this is the led solar landscape spotlights. Obviously, they're 100% solar powered. They're made by Quintus.

What are disadvantages of LED solar landscape lights?

These are actually ultra bright. We've got optical lens design. They have an IP 65 waterproof rating and then there's an auto on and off feature. Now again, something to note, these lights are designed to be spotlights. So you can either mount them up on a wall and have them shine down maybe on a grass area, or you can have them on the ground shining up to kind of give that at a lighting effect from the bottom there.

What's in the box?

Here's a quick look at everything you get. As promised, there are 6 of these solar panel assemblies. Look at how big it is. That is gonna throw quite a lot of light work as advertised, we've got a nice large solar fin to collect as much of that solar energy as possible during the day. We've got six stakes here that we can install for ground insulation as well as mounting brackets here if we want to put these up onto the side of a wall. We also have some instruction manuals that we can look at in case you need some help putting things together. 

How to install Quntis landscape light?

A ground installation is obviously fairly simple here, which can take one of our lights, one of our stakes here. Basically, you just put it right in the base where that hole is. You're gonna twist a little bit to make sure it gets up and nice and snug and secure. And there we go. That is ready to be put into the ground where we want the spotlight to shine. 


Should I leave my landscape lights on all night?

As you can see, it gets even brighter. So there's two light settings again. The brighter one here is gonna last roughly 6 hours, while the other one is going to last roughly 12 hours on that low setting. Friends, these are decently bright. I am actually really impressed they're getting this much light just from this solar panel that's back here. So really good stuff. I'm giving this thing a thumbs up. Okay, quickly, I want to show you this toggle button. You can see it's down here on the bottom left. Again, there's three settings we've got off. If you click it on once, it's gonna go into that low light 12 hour setting. Click it again and get brighter, but only 6 hours on a full charge. Again, it's just like a little ball here that you push down to activate those different settings. Alright, that is it friends. Hope this video has helped. If it has, you guys, please hit that thumbs up button. Remember, you can purchase these by using our links in the description box below. They'll take you to Amazon. You can grab these for yourselves. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you again on the next one. 


What color of light is best for landscape lighting?

Let Quntis answer this question for you. If you just want it provide the light for daliy use, you can choose the white light landscape light. If you want to use it as holiday lights, RGB landscape light will be better.

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