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Article: Quntis Monitor Light Bar Pro+ review

Quntis Monitor Light Bar Pro+ review


If you’ve ever spent time working from your computer while in a dark room, the brightness of the monitor can become uncomfortable.  One way to address this is by adding light around the workspace, though the challenge then becomes keeping the light source from creating glare on the monitor itself.  Monitor light bars are a great way to add some focused light to your desk, and we’re having a look at the Light Bar Pro+ by Quntis to see how it works.

What is it?

The Quntis Light Bar Pro+ is an LED monitor lamp, designed to illuminate the space directly in front of the display.  By mounting on top of the display and casting it’s light to the surface below, it helps to both reduce eyestrain and provide even lighting to the workspace – without glare.  The Pro+ is meant for larger and/or curved displays, though a smaller and less feature rich version is available for displays up to 22″ in the Light Bar Pro.

Quntis has a range of monitor and desk lamps, in addition to outdoor, holiday and string lighting products.

What’s in the box?

  • Quntis Monitor Light Bar Pro+
  • Remote (2 AAA batteries were included)
  • 1.8m USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Installation adapter blocks for varying monitor thickness
  • Manual
  • Hex keys, though they aren’t needed for anything

Hardware specs

Dimensions                               20.08″D x 0.79″W x 0.79″H
Power                                         USB-C, 5V
Weight                                        570g
Interface                                     Remote
Brightness                                 1200 lux
Display compatibility                Flat or curved, thickness of 0.12″ to 2.36″

Design and features

Light Bar

Out of the box, the Light Bar Pro+ is surprisingly robust, and immediately impresses with it’s fit and clean, minimal finish.  The branding is generally unoffensive with the Quntis brand and ScreenLinear model designation in small contrasting text along the front.  Along the front is a small LED indicator which turns on when the Light Bar is set to automatically adjust brightness, with the ambient light sensor located along the top.

The Light Bar Pro+ has no buttons or interface on the bar itself, relying on it’s companion remote for settings and adjustments.


Similarly well designed, the Light Bar Pro+ remote has a minimal aesthetic and blends in well on the desk.  There are several things you can do with the remote:

  • Single tap on/off
  • Double tap to toggle auto-dimming on/off
  • Long press to set a 2hr timer
  • Rotate the top of the remote to control the warmth of the light
  • Rotate the body of the remote to control the brightness
remote control

Powered by two, replaceable, AAA batteries, the remote can pair additional Quntis lamps should you opt to add an additional Light Pro+.

I am a little disappointed to not find an LED in the remote, as illuminating the gap between the top and body of the remote would look pretty cool.  Alas, it’s functional and does the job.


Setting up the Light Bar Pro+ is easy, and straight forward.  Depending on how chonky or svelte your monitor is, you may need to use one of the extensions for the clamping mechanism to fit.  The lamp is counter balanced by a weight which helps keep it in place.  Once it’s seated on your monitor, you just need to run the Light Bar Pro+ to power and you’re good to go.

I opted to use one of the USB-A ports on the monitor, in this case a 34″ curved Dell UltraSharp.  This setup turns the Pro+ on and off in sync with the monitor itself.

Immediately, I realized we may have a problem.

Where the Light Bar Pro+ now sits, is exactly where I normally have my webcam.  Fortunately, my Logitech Brio has a flexible enough mounting system to essentially lay it on top of the monitor lamp without interfering with anything.  If this didn’t work I’d have to switch over to a gooseneck mount or something similar for the camera.  Quntis has other lighting options that do not rest directly on the display if this is a dealbreaker.


Quntis has really nailed it from a performance perspective with the Light Bar Pro+.  It just works, and really, that’s all you need from a light like this.

The lamp itself has a run of warm and cool LED’s, which can be mixed to dial the full temperature gradient (between 3000k and 6500k).  The stepless brightness is smooth – and keep the remote just beyond arms length, lest you be tempted to fidget with it constantly!

One of the things I appreciate about the Light Bar Pro+ is the ability to rotate the light itself to dial in position.  This was especially useful in my use case of needing to set the webcam on top of it, but just in general – with how many different monitors and desks at varying heights are out there, this is an important capability.  

All around, the Pro+ performs well, and does as it describes on the tin.

LED ScreenLinear Q-Curve Series MU208 (20.1Inch), Monitor Light Bar PRO+ - quntis-service  


What I like

  • Well built and clean design
  • Remote control for ease of use and for dialing in lighting
  • Directional light avoids glare on the monitor itself

What I’d change

  • Consideration for webcams, whether a mount or proper platform

Final thoughts

This is actually not my first Quntis Light Bar Pro+.  I had purchased one from Amazon back in 2022 as the cheaper alternative to the BenQ options, and have been quite satisfied with it.  When this came up for review, I waited to see if any of the other writers wanted it, and was disappointed they missed out – but glad to have a chance to pick up another for my work desk.  Having been a user of this monitor lamp for over a year, I can recommend it without reservation.  It’s solid, and does its job well.





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