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Article: The benefits of Quntis monitor light bar

Monitor Light bar

The benefits of Quntis monitor light bar

When it comes to monitor light bar, you may be confused. Why do people need to hang a light bar at the top of computer screen? Is worth to have a monitor light bar? In the following article, we will explain why it is a must-have for you in a question-and-answer format.

LED ScreenLinear Q-Curve Series MU208 (20.1Inch), Monitor Light Bar PRO+ - quntis-service


What's the point of a monitor light bar?

It is a compact light bar which can stay on the top of the screen. The main function is to illuminate your workstation, enhancing visibility, boosting productivity, reducing eye strain and extend work sessions.

Is a monitor light bar good for eyes?

The answer is YES! There are FOUR functions to protect your eyes in a reasonable way. 

Zero glare: Glare is light that enters your eye and interferes with your vision which makes your eyes uncomfortable and causes eye fatigue. Starting from the design, Quntis monitor light bar adopts 45°angled asymmetrical optical so that the projected light neither hits the screen nor the human eyes, but only focuses on the desktop.

No Blue Light Hazard: blue light has short wavelength, the focus is located in the center of the retina so the long exposure time to blue light causes a worsening of visual fatigue and nearsightedness. Quntis screenlinear is certified to comply with IEC/TR 62778 and IEC/EN 62471 standards, effectively eliminating harmful blue light. It is good at reducing eye irritation and ensures optimal eye protection.

No screen flicker: A lot of LED lights flicker rapidly which causes eye damage. Good products use high-quality zero-flicker LED to solve this problem effectively and provide stable light source output.

Bias lighting: Bias lighting is a weak light source on the backside of a screen or monitor that illuminates the wall or surface behind and just around the display. In other words, backlight. When working or playing game in a dark room, the contrast between the bright screen and the surrounding darkness can cause eye strain. Bias lighting alleviates this problem by reducing the contrast between the screen and the background, thereby reducing fatigue on the eyes.

Do monitor lights work on curved monitors?

The answer is YES! Quntis has monitor light bar Q-CURVE SERIES 

These monitor light bar is born to used on the curved monitors. Different inch and we also have one with RGB backlight source as well.

What is the best monitor light setting for eyes?

You don't have to worry about this question at all. Quntis monitor light bar has auto-dimming function. It will help you find the most suitable ambient lighting environment. It will save your time and enegry.

How to position monitor light bar?

It's pretty easy. Quntis light bar has a weighted clip. You can just clip it on the top of your screen. The good new is this kind of design adopt the principle of wight so it won't hurt the screen.

What size monitor light bar do I need?

When opting for curved screens, sizes typically begin at 27 inches, with 32 inches or larger being more common. Ensure the monitor light bar you select matches the size and curvature of your monitor for a perfect fit. You can first measure or look at the display parameters of your computer, then browse the size of the light bar on the official website, and then choose the one that suits you.

 Name   Suitable Inch
Curved screen series  MU208 20.1
Curved screen series MU210 15.7
Glow series ML214 15.7
Glow series ML215 20.1
Office series ML205 15.7
Office series ML206 20.5
 MC001 For laptop

How can I buy a suitable computer light bar?

You can click here to view various types of Quntis light bar and choose one you like.


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