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Article: Quntis Dynamic RGB LED Monitor Lamp Tech Review

Monitor Light bar

Quntis Dynamic RGB LED Monitor Lamp Tech Review

Monitor Lamps also known as Light Bars and Screen Bars are quite popular because they can significantly improve the lighting in your workspace. Over the years I have used and tested various Light Bars, today I will be reviewing the Quntis Dynamic RGB LED Monitor Lamp.

This is also the first RGB Light Bar that I have owned so it was fun to see what it was capable of doing. First lets see what comes in the box:

Box Contents

x1 Lamp Bar with built in USB-A Cable
x1 Bracket
x1 User Manual

I also created an unboxing video on Tik Tok which also has a demo of the product in action which you can see here Unboxing the Quntis Dynamic RGB LED Monitor Lamp.

Alright now lets see what makes this Light Bar so special.

How does a RGB Light Bar compare to a regular one?

First off one big difference between this one and the other Quntis Remote Control Dual Source Light Bar which I reviewed is that this one does not have a USB cable which can be removed it appears to be built into the Light Bar. Honestly I would prefer it to be detachable because then you can easily switch it out with a longer one if you needed too. Or if the cable breaks then you can use a different one. In this case if the cable breaks then its possible that the whole Light Bar is now unusable.

Other than that drawback the Light Bar operates exactly how you would expect it to. In low light, dark environments or rooms with poor lighting it essentially solves the issues and is kind to your eyes.

There is no remote control so you have to physically touch the Light Bar to change the brightness and RGB colours which could be seen as a downside but you get used to it. The right side has the RGB button and on the left side has the brightness button for the Light Bar light at the bottom. To use the buttons you just tap on them multiple times to make changes to the settings after you have pressed them to turn them on.

You can see the buttons in these pictures.


This is what the Light Bar looks like with the RGB light set to blue. You can change the colours by tapping the button on the right side.

And this is what it looks like when its set to purple.

The RGB lighting is quite good and it can illuminate a decent area in a dark environment I did not find it annoying to look at. I imagine that you could combine it with another lighting setup to really create a custom desk setup.

It’s a really cool Light Bar however I did notice a problem with it which you will learn about next.

USB Accessories Disabled Error

I’m pretty sure that this Light Bar is designed so that you can use the normal Light Bar light at the bottom and the RGB light at the top at the same time. However during usage and testing I encountered this problem:

This is the warning message I saw when I had the Light Bar plugged into the back of my external displays USB port and also when connected to an external doc which I had connected to my MacBook. If I tried to use the RGB and monitor light at the same time the Light Bar would crash and turn off. I could only use one of the modes not both at the same time…

I did manage to get both modes working at the same time a few times but then it would crash and turn off. So I suspect that the Light Bar needs a lot of power for it to run efficiently and if I had plugged it directly into my MacBook (I only have USB-C ports not USB-A) then it might have worked fine. So if you had a better power management setup for your desktop you might not encounter this problem at all.


This is quite a unique product because it can be used as a normal Light Bar and it is also capable of generating RGB lighting in various colours which is great if your a gamer or just want to change the lighting in you environment to match your branding, theme or your current mood.

You can purchase them from the Quntis website.

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