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Article: An honesty review from Quntis Outdoor Solar Deck Lights

An honesty review from Quntis Outdoor Solar Deck Lights

Hi sweet friends. This is a 12 pack of solar Deck lights by the company Quntis. Guys, if you have been a friend to this channel for a while, you know I absolutely love to be outside on my porch, decorating it, spending time out there, watering my plants. And I'm excited to add these to my porch.

What's in the Quntis deck light box ?

So to give you a few facts about this product. let's get this box opened up and see. You get the little sticky tabs to stick them down if you want to. You get a instruction manual for them. And then you get some screws if you wanted to screw them down on your deck, they provide you with that as well. So you get 12 lights.

Quntis deck light


Are Ountis solar deck light any good?

They have three color modes, which is blue and cool white. They're made out of aluminum and also waterproof. Super great for your deck, patio and yard.

Here's what they look like. They do have a own off a switch here in the back. You can get different color modes through switch it. Isn't that cool?

two colors of deck light


They also have a protector on them. In order to test the durability, I will take these outside and  give them a try. I didn't stick them down because I may want to move them. So I have just sporadically put these solar lights around the porch. I have two here in my general on this little pad 1A, rocking it out of here with my ponytail, palm one in and amongst my succulent one here in my little sitting area. Have one here in this shelving 4 here by my front door on the stem. Now that I have all the lights in place, I'm gonna let them soak up as much sun as they can tomorrow. And then tomorrow evening after dark, we'll come back out and see how they're doing. I tried to do them on different settings, like the cool white and the blue, so that we could get a good feel for them. I like that is really cool looking guys. I'm excited. I wanna give him a whole day to absorb some more sun and then we'll continue of the different lines, you have the cool white, and the blue.

5:00am the next morning and these lights are still going strong, guys. And they didn't even get to be in the sun but about 45 minutes yesterday afternoon or yesterday evening, I'm going, guys, oh my goodness, this is so awesome. I love this.I am truly amaze at the quality, the brightness of the lights. And they weren't even in about 8 at 20, so right at dusk. And the lights have now come on.

One that I have on, the blue lights here are the lights in my junk garden area. We're gonna come back out here in just a little bit when it gets completely dark and take another look at all the light. Then a 24 hours, and since I first put these lights out, guys, they are awesome. Look at my porch. So lit up. I'm kind of digging the blue as well. I wasn't sure I was gonna like the blue, but I am. Like I said, I'm kind of digging it.

More interesting things about Quntis deck light !

I think found a few more interesting facts about these lights that I also wanted to share with you. I had a toe job. They were waterproof. They also have a sealed battery compartment so they can withstand heavy rain and high temperatures. They're made with aluminum, which prevents arresting. If you live in, you know, along the coast. That's good, where the potential to rest is higher, where you have a lot of salt in the air. They're on at dusk, off at dawn. Auto, a four to five hour charge in the sun can give you 20 hours of light. That is amazing. They do have two ways to install them. They have the screws where you can screw them down or the 3M little tabs. I would suggest setting them around your porch, around your decking area or along the driveway before you, you know, commit to them to see if that's the placement you're gonna like or not. And remember also to set the on switch to the color that you want it on. So there's one, it's kind of hard to see inside it. Think I gave you all a pretty good view of the lights while we were outside. The first one is actually my favorite. That is my favorite. That is probably the one that I will use around my porch.

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