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RGB LED Desk Lamp,DL004

Sale price$41.99 Regular price$49.99

RGB LED Desk Lamp,DL004 - Quntis
RGB LED Desk Lamp,DL004 Sale price$41.99 Regular price$49.99

Customer Reviews

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Ann l hall
Really handy during power outages

I live in California where PGE regularly turns off our power. This lamp gives me some peach of mind that I will be able to have light during extended outages. If you leave it plugged in, when the power fails, you will have light without electricity. It is supposed to provide light for 12 hours and if the outage lasts longer, I can run it off one of my power banks. I have a choice of the colors of the light. I thought it was a bit silly when I got it, but now I enjoy changing the color based on my mood. I really like its minimalist design. The lamp is light but very stable. In the event of a power failure, the lamp can be carried from room to room as needed. The one issue that I have with this lamp is that the charger cable plugs into the “lamp shade”, which contains the battery. I would prefer to have the cord attach at the base. Other than that, I recommend this lamp.

Vanessa K.

Nice fun little lamp! Made well.

Mentally in Paris
I ordered a second lamp...

I ordered this cordless lamp to use on my dining room table - instead of the blinding overhead canned lights or bright light from the chandelier. I wanted something I could set on the table that would provide a cozier atmosphere. The lamp arrived in pieces, but assembly was a breeze.

ASSEMBLY: The lamp is easily assembled - just screw rod into the base and tighten with the provided tool.
CHARGING: The lamp is charged using a USB-C cable. Please note: The cable is included but the brick is not.
LIGHTING: This little lamp kicks out a lot of light.

1. Easy to assemble.
2. The lamp offers bright white light, as well as a variety of colors.
3. Easy touch adjustment.
4. Sleek design.
5. Low profile.
6. Dimmable.

1. Does not include a brick for charging.
2. The lamp is powerful but does not hold a charge for long. Maybe three hours of continuous use.

Update: I liked this light so much - its portability and dimmable feature - I ordered a second.

Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet

With 7-LED-Color-Lighting CHOICES, the Quntis CORDLESS Table Lamp is a rechargeable wireless BEAUTY!

I LOVE the dimming and coloring choices for creating "the MOOD" for assorted dining table decorating and matching tones for any event!

The protective packaging is EXCELLENT and includes a charging cable and a mini wrench to tighten the base screw.

I notice several reviewers say the lamps do NOT CHARGE... It may be the charging cube, the wattage of the charging cube, or the charging cable may be the problem.

To ensure a PROPER Charging Connection, the mini RED LIGHT must show after plugging in the cable!

I use a 3AMP USB-C charger CUBE to charge my Quntis CORDLESS Table Lamps.

I LOVE the little cover for the Type-C charge port that protects the plug area from moisture and dust!

Chez Bettay, the Vegan Gourmet: Highly RECOMMENDS!!!!

More of a nightlight than a desk light, with a good battery life

If you're looking for something like a bright desk lamp, this isn't it. The light projection is mostly straight up and down, and nothing horizontal. But for something like a night light, or even an emergency light, it's pretty cool. It has a wide range of brightness settings, the ability to set a variety of colors, and has a color cycling mode that's a cool touch. The base is weighted well considering the battery is located in the top. I wish the charging port was on the base - it is on the underside of the top so running a USB charge cable and leaving it there is somewhat unsightly. Assembly is quite easy, and the battery will last 6-8 hours even at full brightness. The metallic finish is well done and is a low gloss but wipes clean easily.