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RGB LED Light Bar,Desk Lamp DL001

Sale price$30.99 Regular price$35.99

RGB LED Light Bar,Desk Lamp DL001 - Quntis
RGB LED Light Bar,Desk Lamp DL001 Sale price$30.99 Regular price$35.99

Customer Reviews

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Jim W.
Works as advertised

These light bars are much nicer and useful compared to my original light bar that was made up of a 12 volt power supply and automobile brake lights with red, blue and green lens I had back in the 70’s. Although they were a lot of fun at the time, there is no comparison between then and now. You would think I would have out grown colored lights by now, but I still very much enjoy these lights with the wide variety of colors they have and the multitude of scenes and functions you can have. They can really change the ambiance of a room.
These lights are controlled through the smart life app. This is great because I use that app for my house lights and other automation gizmos. Also, I didn’t have to clutter up my phone with yet another app. I am happy with this product.

Love them!

These USB-powered lights are fantastic! They use the Smart Life app, which I already had on my phone and integrated into my smart speaker system. So, setup was incredibly simple. The way you control the colors in the app is a bit odd, since the pair of lights is shown as a rope light, not two bars. However, the variety of colors available is impressive.
The reactive capabilities to music/sounds detected by the external microphone is absolutely great, too! There are several modes of sound-reaction from which to choose, and each one is entertaining. You can also adjust the sensitivity.
I can use my smart speaker to turn the lights on and off, and change (solid) colors, but I can't figure out how to activate the various modes via voice commands. I would appreciate being able to access the functionality of those controls, and I would also like to have a list of usable commands.

A. Peditto
Great light addition for any room!

I own larger versions of these tube style lights and I love them but I wanted something smaller for my desk top. These lights are perfect, easy to set up and easy to use. The remote works well and there are plenty of functions to choose from. If your looking to jazz up your gaming space these lights will do the trick!

Siyao Li
Really nice ambient lighting

I had a light strip on the back of my desk, but it didn't have enough light to light up the back of my monitor. These light bars add really nice ambient lighting. I was surprised by how bright it can actually get when you choose whiteish color (though you can choose rgb colors, I liked this natural color the most). Also the lights were pretty easy to set up on the app and connect with Alexa well. Overall one of my favorite add-ons to my room's light.

Chunhui Zhu
very fancy

Not hard to install. I love the app for this light. I can select any color from the app and edit the strip as a rainbow. I can even edit rhythm with songs for these light. That's amazing!