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RGB LED Triangle Wall Light,WL005

Sale price$30.99

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RGB LED Triangle Wall Light,W005 - Quntis
RGB LED Triangle Wall Light,WL005 Sale price$30.99

Product Description

RGBIC technology allows each panel to display multiple colors simultaneously. Its transparent cover allows the light from your panels to shine directly onto your walls with a unique fluorescent glow, creating stunning effects in your home for gaming or holiday decorations.

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DIY Your Unique Lights Effect

Using the app, you can adjust colors, switch scenes and change music at your fingertips to DIY your lighting effects. The placement of your panels is detected to create a rainbow-like effect that flows seamlessly.

Mood-boosting Scene Modes

Use the app to adjust colors, switch scenes, and find rich animated lighting effects for your light panels. Choose from over 40 preset scene modes to match your style.

Unprecedented music synchronization

The Triangle Panel brings your favorite tunes to life, making every jam session, party or night of relaxation more exciting. The responsive sound sensor perfectly translates every beat, note and rhythm into a captivating light show that immerses you in sensory pleasure.

Timer Schedule

Schedule your lights exactly as you like.

Button introduction

The physical buttons on the remote control help you choose the right mode and you can also adjust the brightness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Carolyn Schulte
Add some fun light to any space

SO! first thing is first. I ABSOLUTELY love this product for my room, like literally lights up my entire room at night can change it to any color I want or set a mood depending on my emotions. CAUTION If you have dry wall PLEASE do be very careful pulling the adhesives off because it has already ripped off the paint and dry wall from my room..... lets just say its extra sticky..
anyways back to this product, it is very organized and will packed when I received it, instructions are straight forward and has a video to show you how to install it. will most likely be buying more panels in the future.

Easy to Install

Not bad

Look Great & And Seem To Function Far Better Than Nanoleafs

Guess I'll go ahead and be the first review for this item. They work really great and the color options are plentiful. Be sure to follow the setup instructions exactly. It can get confusing at times. In my opinion, the shape/look is far better than nanoleafs and I've had absolutely no connection issues. It is only supposed to work for 2.4 GhZ wifi, but I managed to get it to work for my 5 GhZ Network unlike other products I have.

Roy Rickard
Great lights.

Great alternative to the bigger known brand with all the features and almost no draw backs.
Quntis makes some really great quality products, they've grown so much in the past few years and its all because the quality products they deliver at such affordable prices is almost unbeatable. All my Quntis products that I've had for the last 2-3 years are still working unlike many other cheaper led strips I've had.
This product is no exception. The app is super easy to use and configure and has some really awesome features compared to cheaper panel lights. The ability to calibrate it is something that is a small detail that really makes this product so much better to use and customize.
Heads up that the adhesive on these panels is quite strong. I had to remove the first 2 panels I put up because my measurements were wrong. removing the panels damaged my walls but I'm not too upset because I just had to shift them down and it was covered anyways and if all goes well, these panels should stay up for a really long time. If anything the strength of the adhesive is probably a good thing because last thing you want is to put this up over an expensive setup/monitor and come to find out that the panels had fallen off possibly damaging your stuff.
The app and setup is really easy, I have so many other Quntis products now that I love and having them controllable in one app, either in the app or google home app is super nice and convenient.
The price is steep but it's still a great deal compared to the other brand and I can honestly say that if you buy into the Quntis ecosystem you will not be disappointed. 10/10 product for me, love it and definitely want to get more panels to expand them further along my wall.

So many amazing option.

The lights are perfect for my set up. I have the the dreamview set as well and these triangle light pair with them so the movie watch immersion is so so good. 5 stars