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Solar address numbers with light, solar House Numbers, Solar Powered Address Sign Waterproof

Sale price$17.99

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Solar address numbers with light, solar House Numbers, Solar Powered Address Sign Waterproof
Solar address numbers with light, solar House Numbers, Solar Powered Address Sign Waterproof Sale price$17.99

Customer Reviews

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Michael Lawson
Super Bright

Nice sign, and it is very bright as you can see from the pictures. The pole that holds it is plastic so I don't know how long it will last but it seems pretty durable.

Great looks and functionality

Took a few minutes to get the numbers glued on the plate using the provided four space stencil and couldn't be happier with the accuracy of the spacing, I like the two light strength settings and the automatic operation, tested it after rain and the numbers remained stuck so it is weather proof , as for the length of time that the light remains on it is not quiet and all night operation, it went off after about 6 hours of operation, this is great but heading into winter where the night is more than 12 hrs this won't work, but at least the first part of the night it will be on, which is a lot more critical than the latter half of the night, I secretly wish a larger capacity battery storage was installed

Good quality at a good price...

I ordered this thinking that it could be very hit or miss. I was pleasantly surprised that it seems to be a hit on many fronts. Assembly was simple and resulted in a seemingly sturdy product... just push the stake into a tube, the second tube into the first, and the solar sign into the second. They even included a pair of cardboard aligners for three and four digit addresses, since you need to stick the numbers/letters onto the lighted panel. The solar panel is tilt-able for better energy collection and there is a waterproof rubber auto/off push button on the back. The off button is the only thing that I think could use some improvement as I cannot determine what mode it is in easily since it clicks the same and the position is unchanged when pressed. The instructions mention that you can change the rechargeable batteries, though I forget to inspect what size it uses and to determine how to do (the instruction booklet is minimal).

At 30USD, I am rating this four stars... as it is good-quality and affordable, it is less expensive than similar products, and it does the job. As always, your mileage and preferences may vary...

Every home needs one

I'm pretty happy that I got this- you never know when you'll need your house number visible at night. Whether you're waiting for friends or family to find your place, or perhaps you're an elderly person worried about emergency personnel locating your home at night, this is an option that goes together & installs easily, no handyman or electrician needed. The only thing, if your ground is hard or rocky (-like mine is), you'll want to make a "pilot hole" in the ground first rather than trying to hammer this plastic post into the ground. I hammered instead on my large & heavy old screwdriver, then "stirred" the ground a little until there was room for the pointed post. The one button control on the back is easy to change the type of light from natural, warm or cold white, & the display is quite visible whatever one you prefer. The one thing you have to make sure of is where you locate it so that it receives at least 6-8 hours of sun each day. I have many trees & large shrubs shading my yard, & with the sun at a different angle for the winter season, I had to find just the right place for it, but I got it right on the first try. I do wonder how long the stick-on numbers will survive the weather, but there's plenty of extras. All in all, this is a good choice, & would also make a good house-warming gift for anyone that wants their home to be found, especially at night.


This works really well. Easy to assemble. Has a good font and template for accurate display. Very nice solar powered lighted address display. Well illuminated and easy to read. Good product. Reasonable price.